Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The to-do list

I'm fairly certain I've never been this sore. I've been attending group exercise classes at my new gym for a week now. I've tried everything from Patricia's BODYPUMP to moon-child Kim's BODYFLOW hippieness to Amelia's CORE Challenge and Chisel to Bryce's 6 Pack Abs (note: although those first two classes may look lame, trust me, they are NO JOKE. And Bryce...yeah, adorable blond girl with the heart of a drill sergeant who kicked my ass!). I honestly had no freaking idea how out of shape I was. Luckily, a week's worth of these classes has made it painfully clear. I hurt, folks. Holy hell, do I hurt. I did feel encouraged, though, when I saw that I could complete Bryce's abs class better than the two *shredded* young baseball-looking guys behind me last night. They whined the whole time. And mercifully, Bryce did not sing along to the horrible music (I had to endure Patricia's rendition of "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" during my first BODYPUMP experience. As much as my shoulders hurt, my soul hurt more). Word has it that BODYJAM classes are on the way. Woot! Dancing for cardio? Count me in..although right now, I'm too sore to even sit here and type.

First thing on my to-do list for today: STRETCH! And for God's sake, take a day off. It's OK. Really.

Next up: Complete (or start!) the three open-ended online questions for a position I applied for over 10 days ago. Why'd I wait so long, you ask? Well, the job description stated that the job was based in Sunnyvale, while the first multiple-choice "interview" question stated that job was located in Irvine. After I poked and prodded the recruiter, I finally found out that the position is indeed based in Sunnyvale. So, now I've gotta get my shit together and compose some very intelligent, articulate answers ASAP. Each question has a 4000 character limit. Jesus, that should about do it. If it's verbosity they want, I'll be more than happy to accommodate them!

Once I start writing, I'll be OK, but its so difficult to just get going. It's like skydiving...once I get out of the plane, I'm fine, but getting to the door is where I get hung up sometimes.

Problem is that I do some of my best thinking during exercise and I really need a day to recover. Maybe I could handle some autopilot time on a stationary bike and still be able to walk afterwards. Hmmm...

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