Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thursday morning couch potato report

Last night was the second two-hour installment of SYTYCD with stops in Salt Lake City, UT, and Dallas, TX. I have to say, as amazing as the LA auditions were, I had high hopes for this season to continue to blow me away. Yeah, Dallas and Salt Lake City..not so much. I found myself totally annoyed with Fox's constant need to display (and totally make fun of) mediocre, or just plain horrible, dancers. 40+ dancers made it to the next round in Las Vegas from Utah. We saw only a handful. Dallas was even worse.

But amongst the horridness and housewives who brought their children to the audition (they were in Utah, after all), there were several bright spots:

This is Kelli Baker from the Salt Lake auditions. I was not impressed with her ego at first, but then when I saw her dance, it all became clear. See, Kelli illustrates one of my favorite principles in life: Talk as much smack as you long as you can back it up. Her audition was breathtaking. She most definitely can back it up. And how cute is Mandy Moore? (she's the judge on the far right, opposite of Nigel) Love her!

Joshua Allen was the *only* popper in last night's two-hour extravaganza to really impress me. So cool, he is. Like ice. Love the way he moves. And that leap at the end? WOW. Just wow.

This is Chelsie Hightower. While the video will give you her entire family life and background in agonizing detail, trust me on this one...You.Must.Watch. She is gorgeous. Oh my heavens, all my life I've wanted legs like hers! So pleasing to the eye. And we like that!! YAY!

All videos come courtesy of kelxk3l. Thanks! =) Check out her (or his?!) page if you want to see more auditions from last night's show. Ryann Race is another fun one to watch. And how can you not love that he is a DJ in a strip Salt Lake City! LOL! Another performer I TOTALLY enjoyed was Gev Manoukian. The judges sent him to the choreography round, when I would have sent him straight through to the next round. Thankfully, he can dance and made it though anyways. =)

Another two-hour special airs tomorrow night, showcasing stops in Washington, DC and Charleston, SC. Hopefully, Fox will focus more on the amazing dancers and leave the jokers out...

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