Monday, May 5, 2008

San Jose Sharks: It's all over...

Hear that? That's the fat lady and she is singin' the blues for the Sharks.

Team Teal's post season was cut short last night in QUADRUPLE overtime against a Dallas Stars team that wasn't any better than the Sharks, but that had luck on their side. The game ended well after 1am, CST. DJC and I were too beat down to shave his playoff beard last night. Tonight, we'll handle that. And I'll take pictures of the various stages of beard-dom...the fu-manchu, the chops, the handlebars.

I feel let down. I feel sad. I want to hug all of the Sharks one by one and tell them how much I enjoyed watching them all season. I want to tell them that I will still be a fan and that I'll be rooting them on next season and every season after that.

It's obvious that I am a rabid hockey fan, but this year's Sharks squad really made me fall in love with the game all over again. Their energy and enthusiasm was contagious. Youngsters like Torrey Mitchell and Devin Setoguchi made the game *fun* again. I feel like the guys are part of my circle of friends. I followed their ups and downs and really felt for them when things weren't going their way. It's like we're breaking up! NOOOOOOOOO!

My last hockey-related Bleacher Report article can be found here. And thus ends my hockey ramblings for another few months.

Here's to looking forward to October!

And in other sports/ political news, I give you this. Just. Amazing. (although I feel bad for the horse!)

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