Friday, April 18, 2008

The best run...EVAR!!

Two days ago during one of my more difficult runs, I lost an earring. And not just any earring. One of these:

The ones I have are like the middle pair in a 14 gauge. I loved them. Once I noticed that the right one was missing, I shook out my t-shirt and fleece in hopes that it got pulled out when I removed my clothes after running. No dice. I was pissed. I had to accept the fact that it got pushed out by my fleece's collar somewhere along my run. I told myself that when I got a new job, I'd replace it, but not until as they're not exactly cheap. Thank goodness they're sold individually instead of in pairs.

Yesterday, as I set out on my run, I figured I'd take the same course as I had the day before just in case I might stumble across my earring. It was a long shot, but I thought what the hell.

Looking at the ground while running can get old real quick. But fortunately, I used the fact that I was actually looking for something to distract me from how much I suck at running and how badly my knees were hurting. I saw lots of sticks and tree matter, but no earring. It was gone. About a mile in, I gave up looking. And just as I did...

...something shiny caught my eye. Could it be my earring?! No...there is no way, I thought. And yet, I got excited and ran faster.

As I got closer, I realized that sure enough, there was my carefully crafted surgical steel earring laying on top of a speed bump. I think I actually said "YES!" really loudly, although I can't be sure. I was so excited. It's a little scratched up, but no worse for wear.

I finished my run with a huge smile on my face, which is a first. Usually, by the end, I am ready to either pass out or vomit. But not this time. And all because of one little earring! YAY!


Arvay said...

Wow that's cool. What are the odds? I hate losing things, so I know how you feel. Linden cut her paw a couple of weeks ago, so I bandaged it up and put a fleece sled dog bootie over it when I took her out. She promptly lost the bootie. Imagine my surprise to find her *carrying* it a few days later. Apparently, she found it herself!

The Enforcer said...

OMG, your dogs are the CUTEST!

Thanks for that story. It totally made me smile! =)

Amisk8er said...

LOL, I can just imagine, all by yourself as you're picking up the earing, and a really loud "YES!!!"

HAHA, that's awesome... I know that feeling...