Monday, March 31, 2008

"Ya'll know me...

...still the same ol' G, but I been low key..." -Dr. Dre

Hells yeah, bitches! I'm back with a brand new twist on some old fave topics, like:

Hockey (because what goes better with shoes and fashion than a good bone-crunching Kyle McLaren-esque hip check?)
Traveling (although probably not so much anymore...)
Silly TV shows
Sillier stories straight from the pages of my everyday life
Plenty of smack talking, fun and laughs (although WAY more anonymously this time around)

It's good to have a new home. I'm glad to have you all back. Take off your shoes. Stay a while...

1 comment:

onthemountain said...

hi, looking forward to more words from you. just back from colorado, by the way, 5th place boardercross. Not top 3, but the best I've done all year. Can't wait to hear from you again girl!